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Welcome to my 2nd auction of this year. These records are from my own collection and are all original 1st presses unless noted. All items have been graded both visually and audibly. Any grading of VG/+ of VG+/++ means it is between the two grades. You may phone or mail in your bids anytime prior to the last hour of the auction. You can call and top the highest bid by 10% anytime. This list will have several titles that are very obscure and rare which very seldom show up for sale; so look very carefully. Some of these may never show up again. Good Luck!



# Label Title Artist Condition MB Comments
1 ACE-210063 Give your sweet love to me Frankie James & grp VG 30.00 Black Label..obscure two-sider
2 ALADDIN-3198 Sorrowful Heart Patty Anne & grp VG+ 100.00 Blue label; 45-AL-3198-X in dead wax
3 APOLLO-540 DJ Present of Love Armonda/Jays VG++ 35.00 White label;obscure item
4 BATON-201 Forever/Darling , Farewell Rivileers VG++ 100.00 2nd title on label, nice 2-sider
5 BEE-1825 Give me Your Heart Termites VG++ 300.00 Tremendous ballad, gem copy
6 BELLA-16 Come to Me Treys VG 30.00 Backed up by the Bella Tones
7 BELTONE-2032 In the Night Sydells GG VG++ 30.00 Black and Orange with D.J. stamp
8 BOBBY-601 Helene Excellons M- 50.00 Obscure item
9 CAPITOL-4009 Emily Please Five Keys VG++ 30.00  
10 CAPITOL-4092 One Great Love Five Keys VG++ 35.00 This is their hardest on this label
11 COBRA-611025 Is that Good Enough for You Royal Jesters VG++ 50.00 Their best and hardest, good two sider
12 CORAL-62271 Crazy for You Andy Rose & grp M- 50.00 Terrific version
13 CORAL-62337 Never leave me Bobby Caver & grp VG++ 50.00 Yellow label
14 CREST-1011 Wild Man Wild Chromatics VG++ 50.00 Uptempo
15 CROWN-120 Key to my Heart Robbins VG 60.00 Rare
16 EPIC-9339 Whenever you need me Jimmy Jones & Grp VG 100.00 Not listed in Kreiter,very obscure;yellow label
17 FLICK-009 Let Me Minor Chords VG 40.00 White & Red label;hard one to find
18 FLIP-323 Give me your number King Bees M- 200.00 Perfect Gem Copy
19 GUYDEN-2078 You're the One Royal Masters G+ 50.00 Wax looks G+/VG- but no major scratches; plays really good
20 HOPE-1846 How Will I Know Wayward Sons VG+ 400.00 Very rare item from Baltimore;royal blue label with two saw-toothed lines
21 IMPERIAL-5401 Teardrop Eyes Dukes M- 150.00 Tan promo;perfect gem copy
22 JOLUM-2509 DJ When Your Dancing Cliff Wagner & grp VG++ 35.00 Balck and White promo; uptempo
23 JUBILEE-5091 Make me Thrill Again Marylanders VG++ 300.00 Rarest and hardest to find;45-JR-28076 in dead wax, mild label wear
24 KING-6078 DJ Promises Emeralds VG++ 30.00 Nice Sleeper
25 MERCURY-71293 Try Miller Brothers VG 25.00 Nice Ballad
26 MILMART-112 Take My Lovin' Clyde Tillis & grp VG+ 150.00 Clean yellow label hard to find;uptempo
27 NU KAT-105 My Lonely Friend Continental Five VG+ 150.00 Label is slightly off center; plays perfect
28 SELMA-4001 You Can Fall in Love Ardells VG++ 40.00 Uptempo
29 SHOWCASE-402 DJ Betty Little Freddie/Gents VG+ 75.00 Obscure
30 SPECK-102 Right Time for Love Dave Bryan & Holland Quintet VG+ 200.00 Very Rare from Riverside, CAL;clean white label;never shows
31 SPECK-103 Please Forgive Me, Don't Forget Me Choraltones VG+ 200.00 Aqua Blue label;Dave Bryan on lead; VERY RARE
32 TOY-103 I Wanna Love, Love, Love Royal Premiers VG++ 30.00 Sleeper
33 VINTAGE-1003 Whisper Nuggets M- 35.00 Yellow Wax; sought after title on this label
34 WARNER-1016 A Hundred Million Lies Dynamics VG++ 100.00 Beautiful Maroon label; sought after record
35 RSVP-111 Can't Help Lovin' That Girl of Mine Excels VG++ 100.00 This is a great two-sider;on many want lists and hard to find


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